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If you don't see what you want here, we will get it for you. Also, if you require large amounts of anything, best let us know so we can make sure we have enough for you.


Allen & Page
Power & Performance: for horses  doing hard work. High energy ingredients
Calm & Condition:  for horses that need condition but does not make them excitable
Cool & Collected: for horses in light work, ideal for horses that fizz up on traditional foods
Veteran & Vitality: Has all the nutritional requirements for older horses and ponies
No 4 Top Line Conditioning cubes:  protein to develop muscle tone, barley free, non heating
No 6 Endurance Mix: promotes improved stamina. Slow release energy
No 14 Lo Cal Balancer: nutrient dense pellet containing horse/pony needs, minimal Carbs
Everyday Fibre mix: high fibre, low energy mix
Fibre Plus Nuggets: highly palatable, low starch and sugars


British Horse Feeds


Speedibeet: sugar beet pulp, quick soaking, Laminitis trust approved
Fibre Beet: combination of speedibeet, alfalfa & oat fibre

Carr, Day and Martin

A range of products in stock


Alfa A Molasses Free: suitable for horses in rest/light work low sugar and starch
Alfa A Oil: a conditioning fibre feed
Alfa A Original: highly digestible fibre feed for working horses/ponies
Alfa A Lite: pure alfalfa with a molasses coating
Hi-Fi Molasses Free: for horses and ponies at rest or light work, a low starch and sugar ration
Hi-Fi Original: made from Alfalfa, can be used as a hay replacer
Hi-Fi  Lite: for overweight horses as a sole bucket feed
Hi-Fi Senior: provides more digestible fibre, soft and easier to chew, ideal hay replacer for older horses/ponies
Healthy Hooves: low calorie fibre feed for horses/ponies prone to laminitis
Healthy Hooves molasses free: low calorie fibre feed with added biotin and B vitamins
Healthy Tummy:  a complete fibre feed. Includes latest ingredients to promote gut health
Alfalfa pellets: highly nutritious, slow releasing energy
Alfa Beet: low sugar conditioning feed, unmolassed and easily digestible
Dodson & Horrell
Barley Rings: modern barley and linseed mash for adding to existing feed
Build & Glow: a complementary feed stuff specially for horses/ponies needing to gain weight
Build up Mix:  helps to combat weight and condition loss
Pasture Mix: oat free coarse mix to give horses sparkle but not fizz
Sixteen plus Mix: high calorie, high fibre, high oil, low sugar and starch. With MSM, Biotin, glucosamine and probiotics. Ideal for older horses/ponies
Suregrow: fully balanced pellet for throughbred broodmares and stallions needing low calorie diet
Friendship Estates
Mollichop Original: High fibre, dust free with added calcium
Mollichop Herbal with Garlic: oat straw chaff with garlic, mint rosemary and golden rod
Mollichop Extra:  High quality chaff of wheat straw, light coating of molasses and broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals
Mollichop Cherry Showshine: High oil chaff with unique soya oil and low molasses coating
Readigrass: Natural feed made from ryegrass (can be seasonal)
Fulmart Feeds
Equilage Original: Dust free feed with no need to soak made from selected grasses
Equiblox Original: Compressed forage block, used as a treat, partial forage replacer or boredom breaker
Equiblox Hi Fibre: Compressed forage block with high fibre to help weight gain
Bran: Comes in 25kg bags
Flakes Barley: 25kg
Rolled Oats: 25kgs

Northern Crop Driers

Graze-on Grass: short crop forage which prolongs feeding time.
Grass Nuts: blend of grasses, 3 types of ryegrass, Fescue and timothy.

Rowan Barbary
Ready Mash Extra (Red): healthy natural balanced mash with high levels of essential oils.
Solution Mash: High fibre, low starch and sugar. High content of oils and herbs.

Conditioning cubes: high oil and controlled starch levels to achieve condition without the fizz.
Happy Hoof: Low sugar/starch high fibre feed approved by the laminitis trust.
High Fibre Cubes: low in calories ideal for good doers, native ponies and those at rest or light work.
Pegasus Cubes: basic horse and pony feed, ideal for horses in light/medium work
Pegasus Mix: Basic Horse and pony feed, ideal for horses in light/medium work.

Top Spec
Cool Condition cubes: Non heating but conditioning calories ideal for horses that need condition without fizz

Trident Feeds
Sugar beet pellets: a palatable feed made from the dried remainder of sugar beet. Needs soaking for 24 hours
Sugar beet Shreds: A palatable feed which encourages shy feeders to eat. Needs soakinf for 24 hours
Equibeet Pellets: High Fibre diet with improved energy and vitamin B supplier.

Balancers : these need to be ordered in advance.


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