Wilsden Animal Feeds
Wilsden Animal Feeds

Farm Feeds

Hens and Poultry


Goldthorpes Layers Pellets: these come in 25kg bags


Allan & Page organic Layers Pellets:  20kgs


Fancy Feeds Poultry Corn: A blend of wheat and cut maize which can be fed to all kinds of poultry and waterfowl.


Chick Crumb:  This comes in either 20kg or 5kg bags


Oyster grit: This is sold in 1kg bags, larger sizes can be ordered.



Rabbit Food


Goldthorpes Rabbit Pellets: these are sold in 25kg bags.



Cattle Feed


Goldthorpes Beef Nuts: 25kgs


Pig Feed


Goldthorpes Sow and weaner nuts: 25kgs


Goldthorpes Porker pellets:  These have to be ordered


Sheep feed


Goldthorpes Ewe nuts: 25kgs


Call us for prices.


Other livestock food: we can get it for you. Just ring and ask. 


About us

Find us at:

Wilsden Animal Feeds

The Old Stables

Main Street


BD15 0HY


01535 274431

Opening hours

Mon-Fri :

09:00  - 17:00 

Sat :

09:00  - 16:00 

Sun :

10:00  - 13:00


Our delivery is Wednesday lunch-time so to order in time, email or use Facebook by Monday 5pm or phone us by 2pm on Tuesday.

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